Musician. Composer. Songwriter. Producer. Voice Actor.

I compose and produce music for movies, tv shows, commercials and documentaries. I write and produce songs with my band Olio along with other talented songwriters and artists. I am also a voice actor narrating commercials, eLearning, sleep stories, scary stories and app walk-throughs.  I love my job!   I also enjoy hiking with my family, surfing and watching movies.

Arif Hodzic, born in Windsor, Ontario Canada, knew music was his life at a young age. At age 3 he marched around the dining room table conducting Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” until its completion before he would go outside and play. Started playing classical piano at 7 and studied with Norma Ramberg in Northern Virginia. Performed in recitals and festivals for 6 years. Was selected to be part of the Fairfax County Chorus and sang on his first professional album recording at age 11.

Picking up the electric guitar at 14, Arif never looked back. He started writing songs and put together a band playing back yard parties and showcases. Developed his singing, guitar playing and composing and moved to California. Studied at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California at 17 and joined a rock band that was courted by Capitol Records. Unfortunately, the band imploded thwarting an early career in rock stardom. At 23 he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio/TV/Film at California State University, Long Beach and also minored in music continuing his education in composition.

Today, Arif composes for film and tv and is the lead singer/guitarist in the band Olio. Olio has released 6 albums since 1999 on AD4 Records, the independent label he co-owns with bandmates DeHaven Carrington and Kelley Hill. Musical experiences include scoring promo commercials for the HBO series “True Blood” , writing and producing the theme song for America’s Got Talent juggling sensations The Passing Zone, and the films “Searching For A Storm”, “Port Town”, “Life Is Short” and “Mind Traveler.”

He has also written songs for commercials (AAA, Bank of Hawaii, Geico),  tv shows (Bachelorette, Prime Suspect and Tyra Banks Show), scored music for content (Primo, TrueCar, FlexPod, Six Senses, Napoleon@LArge) and for Matthew Modine’s film “One Last Score.” His guitar playing can be heard on albums by Velvet Chain, Jason Roe, Lane Lenhart, violinist David Wilson and the FBC Mass Choir. He is also the guitar player in Enrique Iglesias’ music video “Enamorado Por Primera Vez“.

From 2000 to 2015, Arif was the guitar player for FBC (Friendship Baptist Church) in Yorba Linda, California. He is featured on guitar on two CD releases by FBC that have received substantial radio airplay and great recognition in gospel music. In 2006, Arif and DeHaven co-wrote and produced the single “We Thank God For You” honoring the men and women in the armed forces. It features Sonya Griffin, Kersaundra Hall and the FBC Mass choir.

Arif also collaborates with other artists and songwriters writing and producing music that speaks to the various themes explored.  He believes the song dictates the musical direction and it’s his job to listen and get out of the way.

Arif is extremely skilled in many styles of music – classical, electronic, acoustic, rock, gospel, funk, r&b, pop, country and jazz. He brings a rhythmic and dynamic sensibility to the projects that he is a part of. His objective is to always support the song or picture that he is scoring to. And his philosophy remains – less is more.

After years of recording and understanding all the nuances his voice is capable of delivering various emotions, stepping into the world of voice overs was an easy and natural transition.


I create music and voice overs for all media!


TV shows, commercials and films.  I’ll enhance your motion picture with original music that supports the story, characters, emotions and themes bringing your unique vision to completion.


Give me a topic and genre and I’ll write you a catchy song that includes lyrics and music.  I also love collaborating on your song ideas to help you bring them to life.  With over 20 years experience, I can fully write or help you write the music, edit and refine your lyrics or write them from scratch.  Maybe you have lyrics and need the melody and music written.  Perhaps you’ve written a song but need it refined.  I’m happy to help you explore creative options and coach you along the way if you like.


Fully produce, arrange music scores and complete songs in various styles mixing organic instruments (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, ukulele, percussion, piano) along with virtual (orchestral, electronic, synth) instruments.  I also have access to professional vocalists and instrumentalists that can add real value to the recordings depending on the budget.

Vocalist / Guitarist

I’m a vocalist available for your project and capable of writing/producing/recording top line melodies and harmonies.  I’m also available as a lead and rhythm guitar player for your project.  Versatile on electric, steel string acoustic and nylon string acoustic guitars.  Send me a stereo file and I’ll provide you with AIFF or WAV files of my guitars and vocal tracks.

Voice Actor

Seasoned voice over artist / audio producer with years of experience narrating for various media and entertainment companies. Projects range from corporate videos, various instructional projects, radio advertisements, voice branding, book summaries, sleep stories and scary stories.


Available to mix multi-track projects in Logic Pro X.  Complete songs or music score delivered to your favorite mastering facility or post production house.


Films, Commercials, TV Shows, Albums, Tours

Composer / Musician
“This Is Your Moment” TV/Radio Commercial for Seabourn (agency – Grace Creative LA)
“SuiteLife” TV/Radio Commercial for Seabourn (agency – Grace Creative LA)
“Essential” Documentary Film (All Music/VOX Productions LLC)
“Dogs In Cars” Content for TrueCar (agency – Tiny Rebellion)
“Napoleon@LArge” Content for Napoleon and @LArge Productions
“Rewards” TV Commercial for Bank of Hawaii (agency – Ideaology)
“Primo History in the Making” Content for Primo Connect (@LArge)
“You Got This – FlexPod” Content for NetApp (@LArge Productions)
Intro and Outro Music Six Senses (@LArge Productions)
“The Chadwick” Content for The Chadwick Apartment Homes
“Competitive” TV Commercial for AAA (agency – Doner)

“Noisy” TV Commercial for AAA (agency – Doner)

“Prime Suspect” TV Show Music Placement (NBC)

”Tru Blood  – American” TV Commercial for series True Blood (HBO)

”Tru Blood – French” TV Commercial for series True Blood (HBO)

Searching For A Storm” Documentary Film (All Music/Pirate Town)
“everyMAN” Short Film (Todd Svoboda)

“Passing Zone” Theme song for juggling sensations

The Passing Zone
“Entertainment” Commercial (All Music/Geico)
“Bachelorette” Bachelorette TV Show (ABC)

“Nogales” Tyra Banks TV Show (OXYGEN)

“Brickyard” TV Show Intro (guitarist/ESPN)

“College Football Games” TV Half Time Lead Ins (guitarist/VS Network)

“Life Is Short” Short Film starring Seth MacFarlane and Alexis Bledel

”One Last Score” Feature directed by Matthew Modine (2 songs)

“Mind Traveler” Short by Emmy winning Editor Barry O’Brien (All Music)

”Current” Short (Jordan Sharon)

“ILWU” Commercial (All Music/Pirate Town Productions)

“Sheikra” Commercial (composer’s version/Busch Gardens)

“Frieda” Commercial tomandandy (composer’s version/tomandandy)

“Free Form Productions” Website Intro (All Music)

“Port Town” Documentary Film (All Music/Pirate Town Productions)

”The Local Brew: San Pedro Brewing Company” Short Film (All Music)

“Anti-Smoking PSA” Commercial (All Music)

“Skate Or Die” Commercial (All Music/August West Films)

“Safeway” Commercial (All Music/August West Films)

“On The Road” Short Film (All Music)

”The Road To Tralee” Documentary Film (guitarist)

“Grease” Madrid Theatre (guitarist)

“Little Shop Of Horrors” Santa Monica City College (guitarist)

“Hair” UCLA (guitarist)

August West Films, Inc – Media Production Company (co-owner)
AD4 Records – Independent Record Label (co-owner)
Reef Music – Music Publishing Company (ASCAP)

Reef Music Studios – Recording Studio

Olio – Band

• CarFax – Regional Commercial
• 12min – Book Summaries App (Delivered over 300)
• SoothingPod – Sleep Stories / Meditation App
• Skyborne – Voice Branding Campaign
• Centralin – Investment App Promo Video
• UltiSelf – Self Wellness App Voice Branding and Promos
• Dr. NoSleep – Scary Story Narration

Untitled” Album by Olio (singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer)
Comeback Kings” Album by Olio (singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer)
Living The Dream” Album by Olio (singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer) “
This Town” Single by Olio (singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer)
We Thank God For You” Single by FBC (songwriter/producer/guitarist)
Port Town” Motion Picture Soundtrack (composer/producer)
Colour Of Music” Album by Olio (singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer)
Soul Of Christmas” Album by FBC Mass Choir (guitarist)
3P” EP by Olio (singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer)
Lane” Album by Lane Lenhart (background singer/guitarist/producer)
Asteroid Belt” Album by Velvet Chain (guitarist)
Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar” Album by Velvet Chain (guitarist)
Moody Groove Music” Album by Velvet Chain (guitarist)
Heaven In The Room” Album by FBC Mass Choir (guitarist)
Cafe Europa” Album by David Wilson (guitarist)
ain’t no party like an Olio party…LIVE” (singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer)
Jason Roe” Album by Jason Roe (guitarist)
The Vivid Tapes” EP by Olio (singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer) >“Mind” Single by Vivid (singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer)
Lost” Album by Arif (singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer)
“Fairfax County Chorus” Album (singer)

The Other Super Bowl Halftime Show – OLIO” 9 song medley
Boom” Olio Music Video (singer/guitarist/composer)
Passing Zone” Music Video w/ Olio (singer/guitarist/composer)
One Last Goodbye” Olio Music Video (singer/guitarist/composer)
“Heaven In The Room” FBC Live Concert DVD from North American Tour (guitarist)

Enamorado Por Primera Vez” Enrique Iglesias Music Video (guitarist)
“A Gospel Christmas with Brent Jones and Friends” Network TV Broadcast (guitarist)
Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through” Meatloaf Music Video (guitarist)
Beyond Time” Velvet Chain Music Video (guitarist)

“Back In The Van Tour” Olio
“Comback Kings Tour” Olio
“No Turning Back Tour” Olio
“Heaven In The Room Tour” FBC Mass Choir
“Moody Groove Music Tour” Velvet Chain
“ain’t no party like an Olio party…LIVE Tour” Olio